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We're pleased to present this directory of Java related sites to our readers. This directory service is offered in conjunction with the Open Directory Project, the world's largest volunteer site directory.

Java  (780)

Java Vendors

Microsoft | Sun


Java Developer's Journal | Java Report | Java-Pro | JavaWorld


JCB Q&A | Java Programmer's FAQ | Java Network Programming FAQ


The two products are testing tools to help you prepare for the Java Certification exams. For more info on the exams, check out our feature article on Sun Certification.

(*) JCertify - Java Language and Java Programmer Certification training. Includes content from, Richard Baldwin, Bruce Eckel, and Roedy Green. 

(*) gEs : Java 2.0 Certification Exam Simulator with over 250 questions! Developed by Sun Certified Java Programers, a must for anyone taking the SCJP 2.0 exam.


The following sites contain Java related material, and are external to the Java Coffee Break. Their content is neither controlled nor endorsed by us.

(*) @lphaworks - IBM has some great Java resources available, including development tools and free bean components

(*) Brucke - Bruce Eckel, author of the highly acclaimed "Thinking in Java", and "Thinking in C++" offers a free electronic copy of his books, along with information about training seminars and a free object-oriented programming newsletter.

(*) Code Signing for Java applets - Highly instructive guide to digitally signing Java applets in both IE and Netscape

(*) ChartWorks -- Visual Mining gives you the exciting ability to include live java based charts and graphs on your corporate site. Free downloads.

(*) Freeware Java - A great collection of freeware Java resources, including applets and tutorials.

(*) Java Lobby - Java advocacy group

(*) JARS - Java Applet Review Service

(*) The Java 500 - a list of the top five-hundred Java sites (though the list seems a little smaller than that to me!)

(*) The Java Developer - features lists of Java resources, and a "How do I..." message board

(*) Java-Resources - has Java source code, games, links, programmer's list, and tutorials.

(*) Java Woman - a great collection of Java links, tutorials, and information on the Java language. Male programmers - don't be scared off by the title!

(*) JustJavaJobs - good Java-specific job site, with plenty of listings.

(*) IBM Java Developer Website - Like @alphaworks, this IBM site has some great free Java resources, including articles, FAQs, and the excellent jCentral search engine, which allows you to search for Java sites, source code, beans, applets, servlets, and other Java applications.

(*) Inside-Java - get the inside story on Java, with news items, editorial comments, and programming articles

(*) ServletSource - Servlet resource for Java developers

(*) DejaNews search of Java USENET discussion groups

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