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Java Gaming :
The Best of Java Games

By David Reilly

Java Gaming
highlights some of the great applet games out there written in Java. Sure, you won't see Quake on the web, but the games that are out there will astound and amaze you. Each month, we'll take a look at a sample of the great games out there.

Hi! Welcome to Java Gaming, a monthly guide to great Java games. For the first month's column, I'll show you one of my personal favorites, a driving game called Race3D.


Race3D has to be the most professional Java applet I have ever seen. Not only are its graphics visually spectacular, but it also has great (read - addictive) gameplay. 

Be prepared for a little wait though, as Race3D is very big. Race3D is loadingBut fear not, for unlike other slow loading applets, Race3D will tell you how long it will take to load. You can even play a game of pong while you wait! This extra touch makes the load bearable.

Once loaded, you'll see the wait was worth it. In Race3D, you can play in one of five different cars, and on several different tracks (including snow). It's very realistic, right down to the clouds in the sky and the advertising on the billboards. 

The little touches make Race3D so fun

The little touches make Race3D so fun

Playing Race3D inside a browser brings back old memories of Activision's Test-Drive series. The graphics are really great, especially considering it is running on a Java Virtual Machine. However, they aren't quite up to the level of newer games like the Need for Speed series. Still, for free gameplay on a web-browser, Race3D is amazing.

No shame in coming second, right?

No shame in coming second, right?

There's even sound effects, ranging from engine noises to screeching of tires. This sort of game really demonstrates the potential of Java for interactive websites. Race3D can be played online at the author's homepage.

Game title Race3D
Author David Brackeen

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Last updated: Monday, June 05, 2006