Web Development with JavaServer Pages

Author Duane K. Fields, Mark A. Kolb
Publisher Manning
ISBN 1-8847779-96
Experience level Intermediate - Expert

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Web Development with JavaServer Pages teaches the reader to construct rich interactive websites using JavaServer Pages technology. You may be wondering why JavaServer Pages is so useful, and how it can competes with other technologies like ActiveServerPages or CGI script. JavaServer pages allows you to abstract the web design aspect done by web designers from the programming down by programmers. This means that web developers can concentrate on beautiful pages, and developers can concentrate on cutting good code. This makes it an important component of web development, and a cornerstone of Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) Platform.

This book offers a very comprehensive guide to the world of JavaServer programming, covering both theory and practical JavaServer programming in great detail. While the book is filled with many small practical examples, it also has a larger project which shows you how to create an FAQ management system. However, it was slightly disappointing not to see other large scale projects which would benefit the reader by seeing JSP in action.

Web Development with JavaServer Pages covers all the fundamentals of JSP programming while providing easy to understand and concise examples. While the lack of many large-scale projects may detract from the usefulness of the book for some developers, it is nonetheless a fine guide to JSP that competes well with other similarly titled books. - Michael Reilly

Intermediate - Expert

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