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Taming Java Threads,
by Allen Holub.

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Of all the topics a programmer learns, it's been my experience that the two most complex topics are recursion, and multi-threading. Both require a different way of thinking about software, very much out-of-the-box thinking. So if threads are getting you down, Taming Java Threads is the book for you.

In Taming Java Threads, you'll learn how threads work, by examining practical applications that demonstrate key topics and which are backed up by theory. You'll learn about topics like mutex and lock management, timer threads, synchronization, and thread pools. The range of topics will interest both a beginner and an expert. But to my mind, the most important topic was GUIs and threads.

Older books on threads completely neglect topics like GUI design and Swing -- yet as Allen Holub shows in Taming Java Threads, threads are essential to the Swing event-dispatch queue, and a knowledge of threads is required to prevent unresponsive GUIs. The important information contained within these chapters should be required reading for Java developers. Without it, you'll write applications that can stall and freeze.

Taming Java Threads is a great guide to thread programming. If there is one flaw in the book I detected, it was that it failed to cover non-blocking I/O as an alternative to threads. Whether you've just learning Java programming, or you want to hone up on your thread theory, this is the book for you. -- David Reilly

Taming Java Threads

Taming Java Threads,
ISBN : 1-89311-5100

Experience level :
Beginner - Expert

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