Pure JFC Swing
A code-intensive premium reference

Author Dr Satyaraj Pantham
Publisher Sams
ISBN 0-672-31423-1
Experience level Intermediate - Expert

In the past few months, I've read many books about Swing, the new graphics library from Sun. One thing stands out above all others - a lack of good code examples. Its not just that you can learn so much from looking at someone else's code, or that code helps reinforce the theory taught by an author. Good code examples, the type that are packed throughout "Pure JFC Swing" can be used AFTER you've learnt the basic theory of Swing - in your own applications, and projects.

That's the main reason why I'm so impressed with "Pure JFC Swing". Its certainly a good reference for those wanting to learn more about Swing - but there are many good references on the topic, such as "Java Swing". It has a good API reference as well, but most books on Swing include a lengthy API reference. What makes this book stand out from the crowd is its code. Not only are there code examples for all of the components in Swing, but these code examples are also far superior to any I've seen before. They've well commented, and show the signs of someone intimately familiar with Swing's inner-workings. Even complex topics, like trees, are given comprehensive coverage (something that titles like Java Swing lack significantly). For example, Dr Pantham shows you step by step how to create trees, and tree models, and then finally how to provide your own custom rendering of tree nodes and leafs.

The author's code examples are easy to understand, with good commentary. Code examples start simple, and then build on previous examples as you progress throughout each chapter. If you have a particular interest in a component, you can go straight to it and within minutes have working code - a big plus for those who are working to deadlines, and can't afford to read ever chapter in sequence.

My one complaint with this title is that the code isn't provided on CD, and though the code can be downloaded from the publisher's site, its a little hard to find 1.  Once you've downloaded it though, you're well on your way to programming in Swing. All of the examples can be easily incorporated into your own applications, so it is a great timesaver, and an excellent way to improve the quality of your applications. If you've been disappointed, like myself, by the examples in other Swing references, and want good working code that demonstrates the Swing component library, this book is for you!

Pure JFC Swing


Pure JFC Swing,
ISBN : 0672314231

Experience level :

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1 - After contacting the publisher, the following URL was recommended for downloading the source : http://www.mcp.com/info/0-672/0-672-31423-1/