Professional Java XML Programming with Servlets and JSP

Author Alexander Nakhimovsky and Tom Myers
Publisher Wrox Press Inc
ISBN 1-861-00285-8
Experience level Intermediate - Expert

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Professional Java Xml Programming, by Alexander Nakhimovsky and Tom Myers, tackles the ambitious goal of teaching the readers two of the hottest programming technologies in recent years: the eXstensible Markup Language (XML) and Java. Along the way, you'll pick up a little JavaMail, and a fair deal of Java Servlet and Java Server Pages (JSP) experience as well. All of these technologies, aside from being very important for the construction of websites, are highly prized by employers and useful skills to learn.

Why Java and XML you may ask yourselves? To answer that, consider the roles that they are suited for. Java is ideal for server-side programming and web development, and XML has gone beyond a simple way to exchange information between databases to being a language for structured information. Together, and with Professional Java XML Programming as your guide, you'll learn how to created multiple-tiered web applications, a focus that XML and Java are ideally suited to. By combining Java, databases using the Java DataBase Connectivity (JDBC) API, and XML, you can create powerful server-side systems and websites.

The first few chapters give you a basic overview of three tiered applications, JDBC access, and the basics of Java servlets. From there, the book progresses to XML. It presents a good introduction to XML theory, without tying you down too much with trivial details. XML gurus might prefer a more weighty tome, but it's great for normal Java programmers, and covers all the important topics like grammar, entities, document type definitions (DTDs), and types of parsers : SAX vs Document Object Model (DOM).

Before teaching you XML parsing, the authors offer an introduction on parsing techniques and formal languages. This chapter is mandatory for readers, and though some may find this a waste of their time, others will find it a useful grounding in parsing theory. 

There's also coverage of advanced applications of XML, using eXstensible Style-sheet Language for Translations (XSLT), and other Java technologies like Java Server Pages, JavaBeans, and JavaMail.

Professional Java XML Programming may not be the best or simplest XML theory book, but does an admirable job of merging both XML and Java together. These are valuable skills for Java programmers, and the book includes plenty of examples that demonstrate XML concepts. Don't get me wrong - XML isn't a walk in the park, but with a little perseverance, Professional Java XML Programming will teach you how to blend XML and Java server-side technologies to create powerful web applications, and will find a treasured place on your bookshelf. -- Michael Reilly

Professional Java XML

Professional Java XML
Programming with Servlets & JSP,

ISBN : 1861002858

Experience level :
Intermediate - Advanced

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