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Intelligent Java Applications

Author Mark Watson
Publisher Morgan Kaufmann
ISBN 1558604200
Experience Level Casual-Expert

Intelligent Java Applications for the Internet and Intranets is a fascinating book, dealing with the subject of artificial intelligence (AI). Watson covers both the theory of artificial intelligence techniques, and gives practical source code to demonstrate its application. He provides readers with a complete set of packages for implementing specific AI techniques in their own applications, and spends a substantial portion of the book giving real-world examples, such as a handwriting recognition application, a natural language parsing system that answers questions about ancient history, and an application that can retrieve information from web sites or access email from a POP mailbox.

This book gives clear explanations of the theory behind the AI techniques the author discusses, as well as object diagrams in Booch notation showing each of the major classes. It is an excellent book for learning more about artificial intelligence techniques, and for learning how to apply these techniques in real world applications. It also provides readers with plenty of sample Java source code to examine, and some great applications that demonstrate the packages supplied by the author.

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