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Inside Servlets Cover

Inside Servlets

Author Dustin R. Callaway
Publisher Addison Wesley
ISBN 0-201-37963-5
Experience level Casual - Expert

Servlets are one of the hottest Java technologies released in the last few years. With all the problems that plague applet client-side programming (browser incompatibilities, slow load times, and network restrictions), it's no wonder that servlets have taken the Java community by storm. If you've been reluctant to dive into servlets before, now is the time!

Don't worry about the complexity of CGI scripts, and active server pages. Inside Servlets makes that journey into server-side Java simple, with plenty of examples, screenshots, diagrams, and easy-to-follow text. The author, Dustin R. Callaway, has produced a fine guide to servlets, covering not just the theory but also the practical details, like deploying servlets to a web server and debugging using tools like Visual Café and Borland JBuilder. There's also advanced topics, like server-side includes, cookies, database access using JDBC, file uploads, and session tracking.

Inside Servlets makes an great guide to servlet programming, and is very accessible - even if you've never written a server-side application in another language before. Providing you have some basic Java experience, you'll be servlet programming in no time. It even includes a CD, with all the code examples and sample software. -- David Reilly

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