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Developing Java Servlets

Developing Java Servlets

Author James Goodwill
Publisher Sams
ISBN 0-672-31600-5
Experience level Casual - Expert

Though I'd heard of servlets, and had a reasonable idea of what their purpose was, I really hadn't done much work with them before. However, the idea of replacing CGI scripts with server-side applications written in Java was intriguing. I wanted to learn more. So I set myself the task of finding a book on the topic - one which would act both as a tutorial for learning, and a reference for later development. Often with programming books, this is a tall ask; they either teach at too low a level for developers, or too high for those new to a particular topic. Thankfully, Developing Java Servlets fills both criteria. Whether you've just written a few Java applets and applications, or are a fully fledged developer, this title makes learning about - and creating - servlets a breeze.

The author starts by giving an overview of what servlets are, and how they work. This gives a good grounding for subsequent chapters, which then cover practical applications of servlets. Once you get the hang of things, the book allows you to jump easily from one topic to another, such as server-side includes, database access (using JDBC), session tracking and JavaServer Pages. These advanced topics aren't for everyone, but as your experience grows, the book acts as an excellent desktop reference while programming. Finally, the book finishes with a substantial servlet application, the online shop front which includes a shopping cart.

"Developing Java Servlets" is a great way to get up to speed with servlet development in a hurry. James Goodwill's coverage of servlets is thorough and to the point, including many screenshots and code examples. My one complaint with title is that there is no CD with the source code, or sample servlet development tools. Save this one flaw (shared I might add by too many programming books these days), "Developing Java Servlets" is an excellent addition to any programmer's library. Not only is it a great tutorial, but you'll also want to keep this book handy as a reference.

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