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Client/Server Programming with Java and CORBA, Second Edition,
by Robert Orfali, Dan Harkey

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The standard by which all other CORBA books are judged, Client/Server Programming with Java and CORBA is the book to read if you're thinking about doing anything with this language- bridging technology. Working toward the Object Web, a computing phenomenon in which the Internet is full of code modules that users can assemble in many different ways to suit their needs, Orfali and Harkey explain the Common Object Request Brokerage Architecture (CORBA), which goes a long way toward realizing that goal. 

This book is the single best CORBA resource available anywhere. Appropriately enough, the book opens with a comparison of the client/server architectures of Java and CORBA. It then goes on to cover dynamic invocations of CORBA objects. There's a discussion of the trade-offs involved in choosing among sockets, HTTP/CGI, remote method invocation (RMI), and CORBA/IIOP, complete with a table that compares the features of all the competitors. 

The authors then explore the relative advantages and disadvantages of two- and three-tier database query systems under JDBC. The book concludes with a fully implemented client/server transaction-handling system. The authors' prose and code is lucid and complete, and all of the numerous code samples appear on the companion CD-ROM.

Client/Server Programming in Java



Client/Server Programming in Java with CORBA, 2.Ed
ISBN : 047124578X



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