Christmas 2001 Countdown

This applet requires a Java enabled browser

EnhancedCountdown counts the seconds, minutes, hours, days and years to a specific target date. This enhanced version takes extra parameters, which allow you to customize the applet's display.


Background      - an RGB hexadecimal code (e.g. #c02034)
Foreground      - an RGB hexadecimal code (e.g. #c0c0c0)
CountdownDate   - a target date (eg. January 1, 2000)
PreCountString  - string before countdown display
PostCountString - string after  countdown display
CountdownReached- string to display after CountdownDate

If you would like to place this applet on your page, simply paste this code into the HTML source, and remember to change the parameters to suit your event.

<applet code="EnhancedCountdown.class" name="EnhancedCountdown" width="550" height="40"
  <param name="background" value="005090">
  <param name="foreground" value="c0c0c0">
  <param name="CountdownDate" value="January 1, 2000">
  <param name="PreCountString" value="Only ">
  <param name="PostCountString" value=" until Y2K">
  <param name="CountdownReached" value="The new millennium is upon us!">

The source.